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"Hi, my name is Shaylie Frost. I am 13 years old and I am a 7th grader at Beadle Middle School. 
I have a brother and a sister that I love spending my time with when I am not in school. My favorite thing to do is listen to music and I love watching Austin and Ally and America’s Got Talent. 
I play basketball at my school and am also learning to swim! When I grow up I want to be a chef and cook for my family. I love to help others and enjoy laughing and talking with my friends. 
I am excited to represent Miss Amazing as a Queen and hope that I can inspire others to join the pageant too! It is an amazing experience!"




"Hi! I am Lily Lautenschlager. My favorite activities include wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, power soccer, dancing, singing and playing with my service dog, Kahoot.
I participate in science bowl, student council and publicly speak for Make A Wish. I play percussion and I am in 8th grade at Moore middle school.
As a Nebraska Queen, I will do my best to represent all Nebraska women. I believe that I can do anything that I put my mind to and that there is no such thing as a disability, only beautiful differences."



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"My name is Bella I am 20 years old. I enjoy baton twirling and tap dancing. When I graduate from college I want to own my own dance studio, and become a kindergarten teacher. 
I am also excited, I auditioned for America's got talent this season and there's so much opportunities that I will have in the near future with being on this awesome show! 
I am so happy that I was crowned Nebraska Miss Amazing Queen this year. That's a pretty cool title to have, and I hope one day I can inspire one of my friends, and other girls to join this pageant. It is a fun experience and a great opportunity!"



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"My name is Taylor "Tay" Woods and I like to do lots of things and keep busy. My hobbies are cheerleading, dancing, horseback riding and many different sports. I also like art, making new friends, going to the movies and going to church.
I love to share Miss Amazing with my friends, family and community."



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Elizabeth Rabon is 24 and has been an Omaha area resident for several years. She has previously lived in Germany, Texas, and Wyoming. She loves to travel and explore new places.
Elizabeth is a life-long dancer. She has taken Ballet, Irish, Tap, Jazz, and Contemporary dance for many years, and is a member of The Omaha Jitterbugs Swing Dancing group. Elizabeth also trained in martial arts during her years of living in Germany and is a proud black belt. 
Elizabeth volunteers several times a week at various locations in the Omaha area, including Lauritzen Gardens, Sarpy YMCA, Hillcrest Nursing Home, Habitat for Humanity, Open Door Mission, and more. 
Elizabeth’s goals for the future include going on missions trips with her dad, traveling, and working in a bakery.



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Hi, my name is Misty Anderson. I am from Kearney Nebraska. I was adopted at the age of ten and i have an adopted brother.
I was in Girl Scouts and I also played the saxophone in the high school marching band. DAFY and FCCLA were also organizations that I was a part of.
I am a member of the Arc of Buffalo County and a team player for Special Olympics. I play volleyball, basketball, track and bowling. 
My biggest passion is Miss Amazing