Event Tickets

Purchase your tickets in advance for the weekend of the state event!

Tickets for Saturday and Sunday shows are available as well as a 2 day ticket

that admits you to both nights of shows.

You can also purchase your meal ticket if you wish to eat dinner with your Miss Amazing on the day of the show!

Show Tickets.jpg

Show tickets

Participants may attend whichever show they are NOT in for free. Family and friends who wish to attend both shows should buy the 2 day tickets.

Single day tickets are available for Saturday and Sunday.

You will need to retain your email receipt and present it at the will call table for your physical tickets.

Meal Tickets.jpg

Meal Tickets

Participants do not need meal tickets. If friends or family wish to eat with the participant, they will need to purchase a ticket.

Dinner tickets must be ordered before October 31.

Dinner will be served at approximately 4:30 pm. Please click on the button below to order your meal tickets.

A gluten free option will be available.